Propuro offers tailor-made staffing solutions in all discipline areas in the building, construction and industry sectors.

We are an attractive and solution-minded partner for our clients,
and we have more than 200 motivated and highly
skilled employees working on assignments for our clients.

It should be easy to hire a skilled worker from Propuro, and our goal
is to find the right personnel at the right time.

Our efficient IT systems make sure that all personnel and client information is gathered in one place and is up-to-date.
In addition, all the necessary documentation concerning the hire of personnel is included in the Propuro contract that is
given to the client when the hire period starts. As a professional agency, we have the required approvals and certifications,
and we comply with the laws and regulations that apply at all times.

We closely follow up personnel during the assignment period in order to ensure that the right employee has been given the right assignment. This is also intended to ensure that we meet whatever needs you as a client might have during the process.


Carpenters Fitters
Shuttering carpenters Iron fixers
Electricians Tilers
Bricklayers Ventilation fitters
Plumbers Painters
Asphalt workers Demolition workers
Scaffolders Anleggsgartnere
Hjelpearbeidere Warehouse workers

«Our collaboration with Propuro gives us access
to the right people for the right jobs.
Their professional follow-up
gives us greater freedom.»

– Frank Ståløy, General Manager, Åsane Byggmesterforretning AS


Propuro's personnel are the company's most important resource,
and we are always on the lookout for people with the right
qualifications and with experience of building and construction or other expertise.

It is simple to register with Propuro as a job seeker without committing yourself.

By registering your CV, you will be entered in our database as a job seeker, and we will get in touch with you if we find a job we believe will suit you.

Our job vacancies are published on our website on a continuous basis. Log on in the box on the right to see what vacancies we have at the moment.

«'With Propuro, I am employed on a permanent basis on good terms. I feel secure and can focus on my job.»

– Andrzej, 35 years old, permanently employed since 2007


We are proud of what we have helped our clients to achieve!
Contact us if you would like more information about our references, or if you are interested in learning more about us.

Media City

Construction period 2014–2017

Propuro has carried out alterations to the A&E department for Bergen Miljøbygg AS, as well as the rig for the principal contractor Hent.

Flesland airport, Avinor, Terminal 3

Construction period 2015–2017

Propuro is contributing personnel from several disciplines, with the main emphasis on carpenters for Åsane Byggmesterforretning AS and Bergen Miljøbygg AS.

Haukeland University Hospital, in-patient building

Construction period 2014–2016

Propuro is carrying out carpentry and tinsmith work throughout the construction period for our clients.

Haukeland University Hospital, triage clinic

Construction period 2015–2016

Propuro is doing carpentry work for Åsane Byggmesterforretning, and demolition and concrete cutting work for Betongskjæring AS.

Bergen Light Rail, Birkelandskrysset junction, NCC

Construction period 2014-2015

Propuro's stonemasons have built the city's finest natural stone wall for the landscape gardening firm Anleggsgartnermester Wikholm.

Helsehuset, the new A&E unit in Solheimsviken, Obas Vest AS

Construction period 2014–2015

Propuro has carried out several assignments during the construction period for Obas Vest, Bergen Bygg System and Gulvlegger Ø.Tvedt.

Flesland water purification plant, NCC Construction

Construction period 2014–2016

Propuro's concreters have built large underground water storage facilities for NCC Construction.

Nygårdsporten, Obas Vest AS

Construction period 2014–2015

Modifications to commercial property in Bergen. Propuro has carried out various assignments for Obas Vest during the whole construction period.

Clarion Ole Bull hotel, Obas Vest AS

Construction period 2014–2015

Propuro has carried out various assignments for Obas Vest during the whole construction period.

Ullsmåg school, a new municipal primary school built of wood and in energy class A

Construction period 2013–2015

Propuro has carried out carpentry work for Bergen Miljøbygg and work on ceilings for Bergen Byggsystem.

Åsane næringspark, Hent

Construction period 2015

Propuro has supplied carpenters during the whole construction period, from erecting walls to fitting facades.

Bjorøy brygge, multi-unit residential development

Construction period 2015–2016

Propuro has supplied carpenters for the project.

Os seafront, no 2

Construction period 2015–2016

Propuro has carried out carpentry work for Åsane Byggmesterforretning.

Skjærgårdsholmen, Håkonshella, multi-unit residential development

Construction period 2014–2015

Propuro has supplied carpenters, painters and fitters for the project.

Møllestranden, Obos

Construction period 2014–2015

Propuro has supplied Byggmester Hitland with carpenters during the whole construction period.

«As a result of Propuro's tailor-made staffing solutions, we have reduced the need for administration and reduced sickness absence. In addition to the actual cost savings, we now have more flexibility as regards production.»

– Andre Kleppestø, General Manager, Bergen Bygg System AS

We are Propuro

Propuro was launched in 2007, since when it has seen excellent growth in terms of the number of clients and turnover.

We are growing all the time, and have sizeable market shares in the building, construction and industry sectors.
Our goal is to become Western Norway’s leading staffing agency.

Propuro was started by people with long experience of the building and construction industry. We have a strong focus on health, safety and the environment (HSE) and have established good procedures through systematic work on areas such as our internal manual, basic training in HSE, and a safety delegate and employee representative system.


Since we started up, we have focused strongly on ensuring that our employees are looked after in the best possible way. This has produced positive results, enabling Propuro to offer a skilled and reliable workforce, many of whom have been with us since day one.


Propuro also offers accommodation in quality-assured housing run by the company, and it has a dedicated service office with extended opening hours in order to look after employees as well as possible.

«I am treated with respect and dignity by Propuro and its clients.»

– Dariusz, 42 years old, permanently employed since 2008.


Propuro AS
Fagernes 4, NO-5043 Bergen – P.O. box 946 Sentrum, NO – 5808 BERGEN
Tel: +47 55 20 20 20

– Give us a call, and hopefully we can help you with your staffing needs!